Reap the Benefits of Massage Therapy!

Massage therapy profoundly affects both physical and psychological health. It does its healing work by benefiting several of your body's systems:

Circulatory System

Muscular System

Nervous System

Integumentary System (the skin)

Skeletal System

These are a few of the ways massage therapy can contribute to your health and well being. Massage therapy can be a vital part of everyone's health regimen.

As well as the direct physical benefits, touch contributes much to our overall well-being. A medical study performed at Massachusetts General Hospital showed that premature babies who were massaged gained fifty percent more weight than those babies that had not.

What was good for us as babies is still good for us as adults! Therapeutic touch soothes and calms stress while you lie on the massage table.

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...AJ thanks Dena for the work that she does for him and she is absolutely wonderful. It's a great help that she is willing to come to the house so I don't have to pack him up in the wheelchair with all his equipment that he uses.... [read more...]

-- AJ and Patricia Schwirian

...She stretched muscles I never even knew I had. If you have never had a Thai Stretch Massage, I suggest you give it a try. I recommend Dena wholeheartedly, both as a massage therapist, and a person! [read more...]

-- Jan Donley, Oakmont, PA

...I started going for therapeutic massages for some minor problems I was having. For the last nine years... I continued occasionally with regular relaxation massages; Dena is very good at combining relaxation with therapeutic or sports massages as needed. [read more...]

-- Karen Reinecke

Dena's "trigger point" massage made a big difference from the very first session. I remember feeling so good afterward that I decided to take a long walk just to appreciate this new sensation. [read more...]

-- Matt Schneirov