Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a massage therapist?

Throughout the U.S., different states have different requirements for massage therapists. Some states require education, testing, and licensure. Pennsylvania does not. Although the massage therapy organizations have been working to require licensure here, they have not succeeded. When choosing a massage therapist in PA, ask the therapist if he/she has massage therapy training and from which school or program he/she has received certification.

Does it hurt to receive a massage?

When you receive a massage, you might experience some discomfort because your muscles are not used to being manipulated is such a manner, but you should never be in severe pain. If the pressure the massage therapist is applying is too much, speak up immediately. The therapist should also be checking in with you to make sure you are not too uncomfortable.

What do I wear?

For most massage therapies, you are asked to partially or fully disrobe. Although the client is covered with a sheet at all times, some clients are comfortable completely nude, while others are not. It is up to the client to decide their comfort level.

Are there times when I shouldn’t receive a massage?

Yes, there are contraindications to massage. If you have chosen an educated massage therapist, he/she will know when a massage should not be done. Some contraindications include: open sores or rashes, fever, infection, varicose veins, and the first trimester of pregnancy.

How much does a massage cost?

Massage therapists charge different rates throughout the country. I am sure a therapist in Los Angeles charges more the a therapist here in Pittsburgh. There is usually and average rate for each area. It also depends on the number of years experience as a therapist and continuing education.

My prices are:

One half hour session $40.00
One hour session $70.00
One and a half hour session $95.00
Thai massage session $100.00
Spa Stone Massage session $110.00

How long does a massage last?

A massage can be as short as ten minutes to as long as two hours, depending on what you want. If you want a full body massage, an hour or more is optimal. If you just want to concentrate on certain areas (like neck, back and shoulders) less than an hour is adequate.

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...AJ thanks Dena for the work that she does for him and she is absolutely wonderful. It's a great help that she is willing to come to the house so I don't have to pack him up in the wheelchair with all his equipment that he uses.... [read more...]

-- AJ and Patricia Schwirian

...She stretched muscles I never even knew I had. If you have never had a Thai Stretch Massage, I suggest you give it a try. I recommend Dena wholeheartedly, both as a massage therapist, and a person! [read more...]

-- Jan Donley, Oakmont, PA

...I started going for therapeutic massages for some minor problems I was having. For the last nine years... I continued occasionally with regular relaxation massages; Dena is very good at combining relaxation with therapeutic or sports massages as needed. [read more...]

-- Karen Reinecke

Dena's "trigger point" massage made a big difference from the very first session. I remember feeling so good afterward that I decided to take a long walk just to appreciate this new sensation. [read more...]

-- Matt Schneirov